Payment is expected at time of appointment, service or prescription request. Casebrook Surgery does not run an “on credit” system. Unpaid amounts at the end of each month may incur a $10 admin fee.

If a third party is paying for your appointment, please organise credit to be put on your account prior to the appointment. Quotes can be provided.

Payments can be made by direct bank deposit; our bank account number is

ANZ 06-0665-0412050-02
Reference: Surname and First Name

Code: Date of Birth

Patient Fees

Effective as of 8th Jan 2024

Click here for a more extensive list of patient fees. The services and prices listed are indicative and not exhaustive. They are subject to change at any time.

Important Information

All newly enrolled patients over 14 years old require a “New Patient Appointment”. This is a double appointment with the nurse and doctor to discuss your current health needs and history. For new patients, the first visit fee will be $120 or $85 if you have a valid CSC. For children aged 13 and under, this appointment is only required if they have additional or complex needs that you wish to discuss with the doctor. The first visit fee will be $35 or $13 if you have a valid CSC.

All prescriptions will be sent to your requested pharmacy 
We do not encourage collection of prescriptions from the practice.

Patient fees vary greatly with your age, your entitlement to subsidies and the services we provide.

  • New Zealand citizens and those with permanent residency will benefit from subsidised consultation fees.
  • Community Service Card holders will benefit from a reduced payment of $19.50 for Doctor’s consult.
  • Please enquire about our fees if you do not have permanent residency status in New Zealand
  • Those that are Australian Citizens or those with certain types of work permit visa may qualify for subsidised fees. Please enquire with us.
  • An additional fee may be charged for complex or longer consultations.
  • For continuity of care it is important that you make appointment with your normal enrolled doctor.  This will result in better care for you.
  • Follow up appointments are not usually discounted.
  • A non attendance fee of $25 may be charged for appointments that are cancelled without sufficient notice.
  • Fees apply to most nursing services, including children aged under 14

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