Don’t let your holiday be ruined by illness. Visiting other countries carries risks not seen in New Zealand, it’s important to be informed about these risks such as  air borne diseases, mosquitos, food and water quality, hygiene practices. Our travel consultation process informs you of these risks and what steps you can take to mitigate them. We encourage patients to make an appointment 6-8 weeks prior to your travel to ensure prime efficacy of any vaccinations.

A travel health consult consists of three parts:

  1. Travel and Health questionnaire- Fill out the questionnaire attached below to give important details about your trip and yourself. Email this through to our reception team and they will contact you to organise an appointment time.
  2. Doctors consult- Based on the information you have provided in your travel questionnaire the doctor will inform you of any current alerts for the country you are traveling to and any vaccinations you require. If you are agreed they will then prescribe these for you.
  3. Nurse Consult and Vaccination (if needed)- We do not carry all vaccinations in stock and so may need to order these in. If so we will organise a follow up appointment to administer the vaccinations. All vaccinations must be paid for prior to ordering. For an updated price list please contact reception.

To download the travel and health questionnaire click here 


Travel consults and vaccines are a non funded service. The price for a travel health consult is $90 for enrolled and casual patients. Children (14 and under) are free with every paying adult.

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